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AAG was formed in the summer of 2005 when Haroon Sheikh paired with Nabeel Hussain, sharing a common musical vision. Usman Sheikh joined the band soon after.

Sharing an appreciation of Eastern and Western Classical music, along with both Neo-classical/Progressive Rock, the band wished to compose songs in which moving melodies were expressed, along with each members’ technical abilities in their instruments.

This along with hard hitting, often times controversial lyrics moulded the band’s sound to a versatile style, also combining elements of Jazz/Fusion and Pop music progressions.

Because of their songwriting prowess, AAG was selected to represent Pakistan in the Azme Ali Shan National Song Competition – one of the central events of the Azme Ali Shan Initiative. Their sound has gained praises from renowned members of the music industry, such as Strings and Fuzon, and was described as, earthy and rustic combining with a modern pop element.

The band aspires to create an original sound, the like thereof has never been witnessed before.

Haroon Sheikh – Vocals, Lead Guitars

Haroon Sheikh

Haroon Sheikh is a self-taught Vocalist/Guitar Player/Producer. Singing from the age of 3, Haroon always possessed the creativity and musical flair that is evident in AAGs sound. He started playing guitar at the age of 13 being inspired by early era Pakistani music, along with a huge selection of bands and artists.

Nabeel Hussain – Rhythm Guitars

Nabeel Hussain

Nabeel Hussain is a self-taught Vocalist/Guitar Player. Also singing from his childhood, his inspiration lies in classical music, with major influence from Salamat Ali.

Usman Sheikh — Drums

Usman Sheikh
Usman Sheikh started playing drums as the age of 10. Jamming to nu-metal and punk rock bands such as Sum 41/Greenday, he later on gained a metal influence. He then developed a liking for Jazz/Fusion, and carries a major influence from Chad Wackerman and Vinnie Coliuta.

DOWNOAD AUDIO: Aag by Aag the band

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