Overload’s Official “Pichal Pairee” is out – Download Now for Free



Overload – The Loudest Band In Pakistan-  has officially released his second album “Pichal Pairee” on its Website. Although, the tracks of the album had already been leaked over the internet but as Farhad Humayun told us that those were not official & mastered ones and that the official album will be released and available to download for FREE on the Band’s website on 5th Oct.

The Band’s Website has also been revamped , which includes members profile, album download links with track information & credits as well.Some of the functions are still not working on site as well. On Farhad’s page you can also find an underlying message given to the masters of our Music Industry.

He said, ” We are releasing this record for free because there are NO record labels for artists in Pakistan, there are few artist exploitation & abuse labels but Overload does not bend & Overload does not break ! “

Hats off to the OVERLOAD & especially to Farhad Humayun.

To download the complete album “Pichal Pairee” for free, Visit now:


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