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Name: Zain Ul Abideen
Place of Birth: Karachi
Star: Gemini
Date of Birth: 20-06-1986
Fav Colour: Blue reflects colours of my dreams Blue hidden things still to explore..
Hobbies: Musik musik and Musik my soul, my food, my life …. love listening it..singing it and playing..

Biography :
Zain has been involved in the Pakistani Music scene from Long time. His name is well-known in all the main production houses in Karachi. A Talented singer with an extensive experience in all kind of Vocal experiences, Zain is not only ambitious towards his musical career but honestly interested in making and doing good music to entertain people. The first single by Zain known as ‘Saiyaan Saiyaan’ was released on In the beginning of 2006, and was a hit, earning a lot of appreciation and great reviews. From then onwards Zain took special interest in the kind of sound the audiences wanted to hear and has henceforth after a labor of 2 years completed his album. His association with Big names like Shani haider (Couple of goods) and Shuja Haider are well known regarding his album work.

On another front Zain has also done a lot of commercial work, including jingles and voice-overs for many major brands of Pakistan Including Talkshawk, tapal, Pepsi twist, Coke, Sprite, fanta, pepsi max, Ufone, Atlas bank, Lifebouy, Peek-freans and many more with some of the major production houses like Magic Notes(Farrukh Abid and Shoaib Farrukh). The list of his activities in this particular field doesn’t end, Zain has also worked for the Geo television networks and sang the title track for Koi hai jo humain hassaye hosted by Umar shareef.

Zain is also hosting a regular radio show on ‘Hot fm 105 from past 8 months And has an extensive fan-following. All in all, He is not a unknown voice to the public and Music heads in general. His Debut album ‘Zeal’ is complete with 9 totally different songs, that are groovy and melodious at the same time. Mastered and mixed at the best studios of Karachi, it is a very promising album and bound to make it big and this fact is not a guarantee, but a certainty!

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