Veena Malik Denies Assaulting Her Co-Star, the Director Supports Veena


Veena with co star Vedita in Mumbai 125 KMsAs if Veena Malik’s “beauty” is so intolerable for her co-stars and peers that she is being alleged of difficult behaviours. This time, the blame is of her assaulting 3D horror film Mumbai 125 km’s co-star Vedita Pratap Singh. Landing into such controversies, the only option Veena is often left with is to straight out deny them. But this time, she does have a backing from the Telegu film’s director, Hemant Medhukar. Vedita Pratap Singh claimed that Veena Malik hit her hard deliberately while shooting a fight sequence for the film. Vedita said:

“It was an action sequence. I was supposed to be beaten up. I don’t know what happened to Veena. She actually hurt me and she did it so badly that I had nail marks on my body.”

She further said to Mumbai Mirror:

“I don’t know what was wrong with her. And then she pushed me so badly and banged my head on the rod. After the incident, I spoke to the director and told him that she is deliberately doing this. Acting is one thing, but this is just over acting.”

In Veena’s defence, Hemant said:

“I am not aware of any such incident on the set of my film. Since December 24, Veena has not shot a single scene for us. I don’t know what Vedita is talking about.”

Now when the director is on your side, then the final cut call is yours. Hence, in this case, Veena Malik seems to come out on top. Veena expressed her innocence saying:

“It is a concocted story. I have been in Dubai since the last 30 days. So, how can I manhandle or hurt her. The incident, which she claims to be real, is actually a reel shot and the injuries seen on her forehead were made up for the shot.”

She released a press statement saying:

“Who is this girl and why should I be insecure of her. She [Vedita Pratap] just wants to garner cheap publicity at my cost.”

Now this whole rumour is a publicity stunt for sure that will in the end, if nothing else, then benefit the film’s promotion. People would want to go in their eagerness to see the scene which has become the center of attention in the media due to Singh’s allegations.

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