PakiUM Team

Danish Mughal (Founder/Editor)

danish mughal

– The Founder, master mind and major person behind Pakium Dot Com. Danish started the site back in 2006 just to promote the upcoming underground musicians and give them a platform to show off their talent.

He is the CEO (Chief Everything* Officer) of Pakium and has worked from the bottom to the top operations of Pakium . Be it writing proposals , playing with HTML-CSS-PHP codes, writing a feature or regular news post or marketing the site. He has done it all and contributed to Pakium at every possible place.

Danish can be contacted for Business proposals, collaborations and partnerships on:

danish [at] pakium (dot) com


Hassan Fayyaz aka Desi Haze (Founder, Senior Music Promoter)

hassan fayyaz– Hassan Fayyaz is one of the most senior Pakistani music promoters, Founder of and ex member of Pakistani Band Aatish. If you were using internet back in 2005 using dial up lines to download Pakistani music, you must know him. He is the one who first promoted the superstars of Today. If you remember, Hassan was the guy who conducted exclusive video interviews of bands like JAL, EP, CALL and Roxen. He was the one who brought the afore mentioned bands in front of the world using his internet medium i.e PakManzil Website.

Hassan, who recently moved from States to Dubai, is now an important part of Pakium and actively managing the facebook page of Pakium. His Signature name is “Desi Haze” which can be seen after his updates on


Raja Yasir (ex-Administrator and Web-Developer/Designer)

raja yasir– The Savior, trend setter and a kick ass designer who made the very first fan page website of Atif Aslam, named back in 2005. He later on worked on many music portals and websites projects of various Pakistani Musicians.

Finally, he joined Pakium in 2008 and collaborated with Danish Mughal when Pakium was facing some trouble. He helped through out with the revamped 3rd version of Pakium and after this collaboration Pakium switched over to cover Mainstream Music as well.


Bilal Asif (Blogger, Editor & Graphics Designer)

Bilal AsifIt was year 2008 when he started to discover “The Online World”, starting off with moderation of AtifMania (Fan Club of Atif Aslam) he never looked back. Music is something which keeps you feel the hidden meanings of this world, the passion for music made to work for the popularity of this genre of life.

Either it be graphic design (he loves to play with Photoshop toolkit), Content management (wordpress is with he spends most of the nights) and Social Media ( Facebook is just like another home).

Bilal served as an Editor between Jan to June 2013


Waqas Sarwar (Ex-Administrator, Coordinator)

waqas sarwar– The very youngest, most active and loyal team member of Pakium. Joined the team in 2009 when Danish Mughal had been running the site all alone and Yasir had been shifted to UK for his studies. He is one of the best sources for inside industry stories and gossips. In his very young age he has made very good contacts in industry and now WE believe no one can stop him from being a major part in Media Industry.

Waqas can be contacted for marketing your brands, music promotions and facebook campaigns on:

waqas [at] pakium (dot) com

Ata Ur Rehman (Ex-Administrator/Graphics Designer)

ata ur rehman– The Graphic Designer & Administrator  at, joined the team in 2010 and helped in creating the huge sized billboard banners at Later, he was given the task for making posts and releasing new songs on site. Over the years, Ata has developed skills in customizing and creating wordpress themes and ecommerce based websites.

For any sort of website development and designing query, Ata Shaikh can be contacted on

contact [at] ataaz (dot) co

Rizwan Shaikh (Media Manager)

rizwan– Brother of Ata ur Rehman and the youngest kid in our team who just completed his matriculation with flying colors. He is young enough and haven’t listened to all the classic music Pakistani artists have produced in last few decades, but he now has his hand on the pulse of new Pakistani music that is releasing each day.

Rizwan is the Media Manager of and is responsible for managing, arranging, tagging and releasing all the music content on website. He is fast, quick and perfect replacement of his brother. No doubt he is taking ahead !

to submit your music, email your content to rizwan [at] pakium (dot) com


Abbas aka Sunny

abbas-sunny– Abbas aka Sunny, the only team member from Lahore, joined the Team Pakium in 2011. He is a Graphic Designer, Photographer, Musician and a Social Media Expert managing social presence for various clients at Media Mazdoor. Be it covering the events, managing various Facebook pages or developing some cool artworks for PakiUM, Abbas is the guy who does it all.

Abbas can be contacted for Graphic Designs, Photography & Social Media Management on:

sunnypakium [at] gmail (dot) com



Other Members include:

Our Authors: Arfa Mahmood & Faizan Ali