Veena Malik completed her shoot for ‘Silk Sakkath Maga’ after getting injured


Bollywood bombshell Veena Malik has wrapped up the shooting of her upcoming Kannada movie “Silk Sakkath Maga” song in Thailand. The makers are happy that the Veena canned the film within schedule after she got injured on movie set while shooting for the song. Her ankle got twisted which tore her toe nail and it started bleeding profusely. She refuse to take rest and continued to shoot after having bandage on her feet. She is playing a character of Southern star Silk Smitha which is based on true story. Thailand is a very beautiful place where Veena was seen filming intimate scene with her co-star Akshay in Bikini at beach.

Veena Malik said, “I am very happy that I completed myVeena Malik shooting Silk Sakkath Hot Maga  in Thailand - 6 song on schedule after getting injured on my foot. It was very difficult for me to shoot as it was a painful movement. It’s not a big deal for me as I consider myself to be a super women and nobody can stop me. After getting injured also I am preparing for my upcoming Bollywood movie “The City That Never Sleeps” which is produced by Satish Reddy.”

Veena always dedicated the heart and soul in the movie and wanted to finish the shoot as soon as possible and not delay it further which would cause inconvenience to the other co-actors and production team, so she shot with a bandaged foot. However, care was taken that her bandaged foot was not shown in the camera.

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