Sadia Imam Joins the Line Amongst Others of Being a Hostess on TV


Sadia imamSadia Imam is already acclaimed for her brilliant work on television over the years. Now she is also stepping into hosting a morning show on TV. There are so many morning shows on TV, each channel has one, and sometimes, a channel even has more than one morning show or something in that format.

When most actors are actually availing this opportunity of being seen every day early morning, then why should an actress like Sadia Imam greet the nation daily. This whole idea of renowned actors hosting a morning show catches half and at times more than half the audience for a programme, but the benefit also goes to a host, which is of not getting out of people’s minds and sights. Sadia Imam has previously also worked as a model, now she is adding another category to her talent list.

Preparation for the show is already underway with Sadia recording promos and helping to design set to give it the look she wants. Most of the times, it is just about the look for the set and the host that makes a morning show and for the producers, the advertisements that come through it all. But one expects Sadia to actually have some great content with a different concept to present the morning show. The morning show will start from February 6.

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