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Danish Mughal

Being the owner and founder of this web blog, Danish is also the Chief Editor and have written daily news posts on this Entertainment Blog.

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 Ahmed Sarym

Undoubtedly, Pakistan’s youngest showbiz journalist who has conducted several interviews of A-class Pakistani film actors and actresses. Ahmed, aged 13, started his own online magazine by the name of Fizzzzzz, before joining Pakium as regular contributor.

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Hataf Siyal

A Young student of software engineering who loves writing on Entertainment and Celebrities. His interests are extended from graphics designing to sports, movies and gaming.

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Havi Zayed

A young die-hard Pakistani nationalist who wants to religiously work for his country – Pakistan – Havi Zayed is the very first author on PakiUM who contributed a lot to help the Pakistani Music and Media industry.

Salman Siddiqui

A student of chartered accountancy and a music enthusiast from Karachi, Pakistan who loves to write and share his music thoughts. He is also a tech savvy person and sports geek.

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Sehrish Raja

A young aspiring author on Pakium.com from Lahore, Pakistan who wrote some very popular posts on Pakium.com

Kartika Sharma (India)

Kartika Sharma is our special author from neighboring country, India. She is pursuing her honours in English Literature right now. She has huge interests in reading and writing. With her love for music, she also aspires to become a translator and editor.

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