Veena Malik is rejected in ‘NADRA’ !


Veena Malik again, there is not a single week we don’t hear something from blonde actresses. This time Veena is rejected at ‘NADRA’.

Recently, Veena applied for NICOP (National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis) in Pakistani Consulate. NICOP is now issued to any Pakistani Citizen living abroad; previously it was issued to Pakistani living/studying/working abroad for consecutive six months or has dual nationalities.

Veena Malik

Getting back to the story; NADRA declines Veena’s request against NICOP because she was unable to provide legitimate evidence on certain doubts. Veena’s application says that she was born in 1982 that makes her 31 years old now with Zahida Malik as her original name as per filed documents. All major documents were submitted by Veena Malik but NADRA doubts her age difference with her sister. Documents tell that Veena is 2 month elder to her sister. Veena was asked to provide evidence against it; which she didn’t. Her application stayed on desk for a while but Veena’s was unable to provide supporting evidence. Finally NADRA dismissed her application.

Well, age when it comes to artists is really a big issue. They cannot get old; otherwise they will be seen playing ‘Ama’ & ‘Bari Behan’ roles especially when it comes to heroines. Veena’s age has always been a question. Let’s she whether Veena discloses her true age this time or not. Till then she is 31 till too young to be featured on all glamour’s publications? Sigh!

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