Submit Music

To submit your music, either audio or video, please send email to:

rizwan (at) (without spaces)

If its an Audio Release please send us your:

  • band/artist biography (written under 50-150 words),
  • image artwork or banner,
  • song description (of not more than 100 words),
  • credits list (if any); and more importantly
  • MP3 of the song.


If its an OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO, please send us:

  • The Video link (uploaded either on Facebook, VIMEO, dailymotion, or Dropbox)
  • credits list (if any); and
  • an image artwork or banner


NOTE: We receive a huge number of music submissions each day. Therefore, its not possible for us to reply individually to all the emails. Please be patient after sending your content to us & keep checking our homepage & fan page if it makes it there.

DISCLAIMER: If it doesn’t get published on site within 3 business days of submission, please be aware that it didn’t fit our criteria and hence we decided not to publish it.

Important Note: We are not promoting music/artists for free anymore. Kindly submit only if you have good content with a minimal marketing budget. Thanks.