Hero Bannay Ki Tarang Episode 1 and 2 Review


Hero Bannay Kee Tarang Auditions“Hero Bannay Ki Tarang” [HBKT] is back with a bang and this season its focus is to find the perfect star couple that would revive the local film industry’s former glory and pump fresh blood into it. The show is part of the initiative undertaken by Engro Foods Limited tea whitening brand Tarang and provides an excellent platform for the youth to display their cinematic skills. With shows like HBKT we have platform that recognizes and show cases new talent and allows to them achieve their dreams.

There is no dearth of talented Pakistanis screenwriters, actors, producers, directors etc. What is missing is the fact that these gifted men and women are not recognized and if they are recognized there is no organized and systematic procedure to showcase their talents. The end result is monotony in the cinema halls and a struggling industry that is hanging by life support.

“Hero Bannay Ki Tarang; Sahi Jor Ki Talash” aired its first episode on September 22, 2011 and introduced the audiences to the potential participants of the show as the judges evaluated and shortlisted them. The young men and women were evaluated on their profiles pictures and voted for by the judges. The contestants with the maximum votes got shortlisted for the next round.

Jury Judges of Hero Bannay Ke TarangThe panel of judges included the charismatic Reema, the funny man Rambo (Mr. Afzal Khan) and the veteran director Syed Noor. Rambo was hilarious with his comments and diffused the tension the other judges felt while short listing the candidates. Reema was very gracious with her comments and found something positive to highlight for every candidate that had the slightest of potential. The depth and clarity displayed by the judges in their evaluation was very sound and accurate from the audiences’ perspective.

The stakes are high as the winning couple of the show would be awarded with a scholarship to an international acting school whereas the runner up couple would be given a scholarship at the National Academy of Performing Arts (NAPA). This season promises to be as entertaining and enthralling as the previous season. And I for one look forward to see how the hunt for the perfect Lollywood couple unfolds in the coming week.

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