Review: Coke Studio Season 5 Episode 4


As you all have been hearing to Coke Studio previous episodes, you might get this fact that this episode was arguably the best episode so far. Many music admirers have been praising this episode because Rohail Hyatt tried again with various languages across Pakistan and tried blending them with modern musical instruments. so here is the review about songs that were featured in episode 4 of Coke Studio Season 5:

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Review of Coke Studio Season 5 Episode 4

Atif Aslam – Dholna

This track starts with slow groovy drums and this time Atif Aslam is not sounding fiery or rock-y. This song sounds more like peace-fully melancholic fusion. Atif Aslam featured with soothing vocals of Viccaji sisters take this song to a different edge. A listener will definitely be a state of ecstasy while hearing to this number. Atif Aslam generally known for fast shout vocals has done something really appreciatory with this track. And the song ends with Dholna Dholna Dholna improvisation with signature Coke Studio sound. I would personally rate this song as:



Fareed Ayaz & Abu Mohammad – Rung

Rung of this episode is basically a rendition of already sung track by Hadiqa Kiani for this season. This time these qawwal legends tried singing the very song to give it a Qawwali/Sufi touch. As always, both the qawwals sang this song till 13 minutes and tried attracting the listeners through their magic of sufism, raags and wide long alaaps. One thing amazing about this song is that lyrics that are being used in the track was written like about 800 years, so that’s something what took my attention towards it. I would rate this song as a good



Uzair Jaswal – Bolay

Alright, Uzair Jaswal, brother of rock sensation Umair Jaswal, got another chance in Coke Studio with this track called Bolay. Not to forget that he got positive views on his first Coke Studio track “Nindiya Ke Paar“. Well this song sounds too much funky and pop artsy, starts with a typical beat. Backing them are Viccaji sisters making hypnotic sounds to carry the song of. This is probably one of those very few funky songs that came out of Coke Studio label, where the first one was Kir Kir by Sajjad Ali previously. I would rate this song as like average


because other songs were very catchy than this.

Hamayoon Khan – Tora Bahraam Khana

Hamayoon Khan, who constructed his place in music lovers hearts with his track Larsha Pekhawar Ta strikes back with a traditional Pashto number called Tora Bahraam Khana. This song is about Pashto mystic love story. The song contains the very typical Pashto beat and involves the magic of traditional SARANGI instrument. And I’m in love with this song already knowing the fact that I can’t understand the lyrics, still MUSIC is DIVINE. It’s a must check, I might salute Hyatt for celebrating this music from our north sides. I would rate this song as



Bohemia & Chakwal Group – Kandyaari Dhool Geet

Personally speaking, this song is the best product of Epsiode 4. The song starts with slow Punjabi lyrics which Chakwal Group are singing in their typical Punjabi folk manner, and then Sikandar Mufti playing matkaa sounds to it, really intensifies the track. One thing to note in this song is that amazing bass that is provided by Kamran “Mannu” Zafar throughout the track. That is so amazing that I can’t express, you have to personally give a musical ear to feel this and then Bohemia walks down with his raspy voice ending the track with his hip hop flavors. I would say that this track is a MUST LISTEN also, MUST DOWNLOAD. I would rate this song as:



Happy listening music lovers!

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