Review: Coke Studio Season 5 Episode 2


So for all the readers and music lovers out there, and people who haven’t yet listened to the second offering of Coke Studio 5, here’s what you need to see. We have reviewed the songs that were performed in episode 2 and have rated them as per requirement. So here’s the detailed review of Episode 2:

Note: Click on song titles below to watch the music video, download mp3 and read lyrics.

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Coke Studio 5 Episode 2 Review

Larho Mujhe – Bilal Khan

Bilal Khan, Bilal Khan, Bilal Khan. The ladies man is here with another venture of his with Coke Studio. Well this song starts with acoustic guitars and then Bilal Khan comes up with the song. According to me this song resembles “Leke Pehla Pehla Pyaar” and “Grenade” by Bruno Mars. The best part of this song is that the electronic, ambient turn it takes after 3 minutes. The eclectic dhol thaaps, featuring with soft synthesizers and Bilal’s voice treated with electronic instruments take this song to next level. This is pure art! Something very different I must say. For me this song gets



Ishq Aap Bhe Awalla – Chakwal Group & Meesha Shafi

Last time Meesha Shafi stepped into the dazzling Coke Studio, she created history with Jugni with Arif Lohar. This time she is collaborating with Chakwal Group, a musical group rich of Pakistan’s heritage from Potohar Region. Although, many of music lovers had expectations from Meesha that she will be rocking out the studios with her typical artsy performance but that wasn’t the case. In this song, her voice can hardly be listened. The Chakwal Group is more dominant in this track throughout than her, that is why I didn’t like this fusion much. Rachel Viccaji and Zoe Viccaji provided backing vocals to this song in the middle, which were pleasing to hear. I could have rated this song 8 or 9 If Meesha’s vocals were dominant in some parts of the song. For now, its:



Khabaram Raseeda – Fareed Ayaz/Abu Muhammad

Fareed Ayaz and Abu Muhammad needs no introduction when it comes to fuse Kalaams with the strings of music. Their rendition of Khabaram Raseeda in Episode 2 totally shows their mastery in this art. Without any doubts, the longest song recorded in Coke Studio (16 minutes 6 seconds) , you won’t feel like pausing it once while listening to it. Their raags and expressive poetry blending with awesome drums at back and dhols by Babar Ali Khanna makes this song a must download. I would rate this song as



Rabba Sacheya – Atif Aslam

This song starts with groovy bass by Kamran Zafar with hard drums and then Viccaji sisters step in with their hymning. This song was also too much hyped up before releasing because Atif Aslam already dazzled it down with Qayaas in Charkha Nolakha, so music listeners had a lot of expectations from his second song and first solo performance of the season. For me, this song is just average because I don’t find anything interesting while listening to it. It’s a plain song with a bit difficult lyrics that also doesn’t get fused with the song. Though the song takes a different edge after 5 minutes, check it out yourself why I’m saying this. I would rate this song as



Pere Pavandi Saan – Tahir Mithu

THE BANG! This song perhaps became the reason why Episode 2 got so much airplay. This song is a blend of Sindhi poetry infused with typical Coke Studio sound and you will observe some good vocal raags Tahir Mithu gave in this song. This song surprisingly became one of the most listened/viewed song of the episode 2. I personally loved the way he confidently sang this song in front of such professional musicians though he’s not a main stream singer. This folk singer has showed his class, when it comes to music, delivering and singing. Tahir Mithu is definitely coming in further Coke Studio sessions. Good job!

I would rate this song as


Happy listening the tracks and do let us know in the comments section, which track you genuinely liked the most in second episode of CS.

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