Kristie Yung ft. Alamgir – Keh Dena (Music Video Review)



Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Nazia Hassan, Vital Signs, Junoon and Alamgir are such names who resuscitated the music industry of Pakistan with their spellbound, magical, and intoxicating music.

But now a days, since the modernization of music (the new trend of hip-hops and other kinda weird music); we trend to forget what those pioneers had in ‘it’ themselves and what made them earn so much respect in the entire world above everything else. Shockingly, though, Alamgir is the only big name whom we’ve all seem to forgotten.

His passion for bringing in and delivering music to Pakistan was ever-lasting and his enchanting music is something to remember for ages to come. He certainly emerged as one of the top-pioneers of pop-music in Pakistan.


Revamping the sound of “Keh Dena” – one of Alamgir’s most-loved song – and also including a female artist in it alongside the legend itself is no doubt a creative idea. Adeel and Khurram Suhrwardy’s effort needs to be praised for bringing us the legend on the screens for one more time. The song is a part of a television series called “Mangoes” which has been produced by the Suhrwardy brothers.

It has been sung by Alamgir and Kristie Yung, an up-and-coming talented singer from Canada. Talking about Alamgir’s vocals, I think that there’s a lot of music left in him. He sounds very sharp and into the character. Kristie Yung’s voice is sweet and mesmerizing to the core and she needs brownie points for her lively performance. Sharing space with a singer of the calibre of Alamgir and singing in another language so fluently (Urdu) is no small achievement.

The music and the arrangements, which have been made by Nick Chowlia of UK, are smooth to the ear. But the tabla part (Sunny Matharu) gets my special recommendation as its sound matches up quite perfectly with the brilliant vocals of Alamgir sahab and Kristie Yung. It also provides us with a classical-funky type of a melody through-out. The man on the director’s seat is Khurram Suhrwardy who does one hell of a job of bringing in the best possible result there is from the camera; the extraordinarily lavishing locales of Toronto, the dashing personalities of the Suhrwardy brothers, Kristie Yung’s charming smile, and Alamgir’s presence – it has got everything in it. Bravo Khurram, bravo!

Even though it’s a song, high-rich in quality, paying tribute to the living legend Alamgir or a revamped version of his previous song, this song – like the many other new ones – sounds fresh. And it’s such a great thing to see the man back on screens for one time and we must praise the Suhrwardy brothers for that.


Audio rating: 9/10

Video rating: 9/10

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