‘Gol Chakkar’ Yet another Pakistani Independent Feature Film (Trailer+Review)

Candy-Teddy-Shera in GOL Chakkar
Screen shot from the movie trailer of 'Gol Chakkar'

‘Gol Chakkar’ is yet another Pakistani Independent feature film scheduled to release in Pakistan this year. As the trailer suggests, it is a typical Bollywood style gangster movie with minor use of profanity but that is not it. Gol Chakkar has a positive vibe to it with excellent cinematography and background music. The kid act “Teddy” looks like a show stealer, I’m not sure how the audience is going to respond to a film like ‘Gol Chakkar’ but this kid is leaving the audience spellbound.

Presented by InCahoots.Films, ‘Gol Chakkar’ is Directed and shot by Shahbaz Shigri and Aisha Linnea. The movie script is written by Aisha Linnea again. The film cast includes all young actors and new faces:

  • Ali Rehman Khan
  • Hasan Bruun Akhtar
  • Usman Mukhtar
  • Uzair Jaswal
  • Salmaan Ahmed Shaukat
  • Adil Gul Abbasi
  • Saboor Pasha
  • Asad Ali Shigri

Gol Chakkar is set to release this summer which can be good as well as risky as the movie might not get enough recognition due to the biggest music show of Pakistan Coke Studio Season4.

Here is the Movie Synopsis:

Candy bhai is back, but he’s not alone this time. Now we meet his real friends and even his little nephew, Teddy. What might be an ordinary day in Jinnah Market spirals out of control when the gang heads over to Pindi, a place where Candy’s antics are much less appreciated. The boys have stepped on the wrong toes this time, the toes of men; the paws, of Shera.

and the movie trailer can be watched below:

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