Veena Gets Dirtier In Dirty Picture’s Remake


Controversy’s favorite Pakistani is back with a bang and this time, it is in a Bollywood flick. Veena Malik has broken all of her previous record of vulgarity in her upcoming movie Dirty Picture, which is a remake of South Indian movie The Dirty Picture. The movie has earned a reputation of  most vulgar Bollywood movie in the recent past and the remake starring Veena has crossed the limits of her body’s exposure.

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Veena Gets Dirtier


With some bold kissing scenes and an item number, Vidya Balan’s ‘Dirty Picture’ this time has just got dirtier as Veena Malik. reprising Silk Smitha in the remake, has taken boldness to another level. The movie has already managed to seek the attention of some social critics.On the other hand, despite of such bold scenes, the movie has only just managed to attract the some sort of enthusiasm in the fans. Silk Sakkath Maga director Trishul had earlier stated that his biopic of Silk Smitha will be different from The Dirty Picture.

After her previous flop movies, it looks as if the host turned actress has discovered a way to survive in non tolerant industry of Bollywood.

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