Sataesh Khan’s Facebook Page Hacked, Wedding Photos leaked


Today, Everyone is talking about Malik Noureed Awan and Sataesh Khan‘s Wedding. The most important thing about her marriage is the leakage of her private photos over the internet. Just after the wedding ceremony, someone hacked Sataesh Khan‘s Facebook account and posted her private wedding clicks.

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It has been reported that both the husband and wife were not willing to release their wedding news & photos publicly.

Satesh Khan and  marriage Pictures 2

Sataesh Khan had left the showbiz over a year ago as she wanted to spread Islam, specially focusing on the women segments. According to her, “coming into showbiz was not a mistake as I worked for the industry with honesty and respect, I wish Allah forgive me and guide me now in better way that I can serve for this religion with full heartedly”. This might be one major reason for not releasing her wedding photos.

Sataesh has previously worked with Malik Noureed Awan,who is the chairman of MMA group of companies- for a social cause. Malik Noureed appeared as a helping hand for Sataesh’s education program for poor children. By having a look at the wedding snaps, one cannot stop himself from saying that both husband and wife are forming a cute couple.

We wish the couple very best of luck for their marital life ahead and hope it lasts forever.

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