Valentines Special: Best Pakistani Love Songs


The enigmatic feeling of love is something non-expressible. The extraordinary feeling can’t be put in simple words. The day of Valentines is celebrated to remind people about the importance of this eternal sensation. Keeping the event in mind, we at have compiled a list of all time Best Pakistani Love Songs. So, if you are going to express your love this valentine, then why not try these fantastic and melodious love hits by Pakistani artists. The songs are great to feel and make others feel love.

Valentines Special Best Pakistani Love Songs

The list of “Best Pakistani Love Songs” compiled and presented below is our tribute to all those Pakistani artists who contributed some really great melodious love songs to our music industry. The list presented below is NOT comprehensive and perfect at all and there may be many other great songs we might have missed there.

Our criteria of choosing the following love songs is based on its;

  • popularity,
  • reach,
  • ever green nature; and
  • the frequency of Covers being made on it.

There may be many Pakistani artists & their great songs we might have missed out here but just take it as our limitation. Indeed, we tried to make it as perfect and as relevant as possible.

Still you are welcome to add your suggestions in the comments section below and seeing the responses there, we would update this list AGAIN 🙂




Dil ki Lagi by Nazia Hassan

nazia hassan dil ki lagi Dil Ki Lagi is undoubtedly the best Pakistani love song we’ve ever listened. The song is great for those who are new to this feeling. The prayers in this song are the strong and motivational points of this song. The great acoustics have added more quality and affection.



Vital Signs – Aitebaar

Vital-Signs-AitebaarAitebaar is one of the most popular hits by Vital Signs. The band hasn’t covered love songs much but the sung ones are flooded with exceptional lyrics and melody. If you are going through hard phase of your love then this song is best one to describe your emotions to your loved one.



Aamir Zaki – Mera Pyar

aamir zaki mera pyarMera Pyar Tum Hi Ho, Tum hi to Ho…… Trust is the first step towards any strong relationship. Mera Pyar helps you out to show how much you trust each other. Whether you are going on a long drive or for a walk with your lover, you must play this song.




Junoon – Baarish

Junoon Barish“Good Memories” is the basic theme of this extraordinary song by Junoon band. The lyrics are so beautifully written that one gets forced to fall in this feeling of love. The song is perfect to remind your lover about your good old days.




Zohaib hassan – Zara Chehra

zohaib hasan zara chehra The soft music of the song reflects an eternal appeal. The voice of Zohaib Hassan adds to the beauty of this song. If your life has become special because of someone, then the song is great to let the one know how you feel about her.


Ali Haider – Zaalim Nazron Se

AliHaider-ZalimNazronSeHont Unabi, Aankhen Sharabi, Chaand sa Chehra, Mukhra Gulaabi! The lyrics have been written in a style to praise your loved one. The melody is enjoyable and another plus point of this song.


Vital Signs – Sanwali Saloni

vital signs sanwali saloniNa Amreeka ke na Japan ke, Hum to hen deewane Multan k! This naughty musical masterpiece depicts the attractiveness of wheatish complexion. In this song, the band praises the beauty of girls hailing from villages & specially the Cholistan Desert. So, if Pakistani culture is through which you want to express your feelings, then add this song to your valentine’s playlist.


Ali Zafar – Jugnoon Se Bhar De Aanchal

Ali-Zafar-JugnuonThe song highly delivers the message that your relationship’s present is what really matters. Future is unpredictable and past has gone. So, make your day special by dedicating this song to your lover.


Atif Aslam – Kuch Is Tarhan

Atif Aslam Kuch is tarhanEvery lover prays that his/her loved one remains happy throughout their life. The romantic song represents these feelings in a very good manner. Just give it a listen this day and feel this exceptional sensation of love.


Farhan Saeed – Pee Jaun

Farhan Saeed Pee JaunAll the forever alones out there, the song is best to remember your memories with your loved one. The deep lyrics and melodious vocals make this song more appealing. Do add this motivational song to your playlist.



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Compiled by Pakium Team Members after several brainstorming sessions & tracking responses of our Facebook Fans

Special Thanks to Ali Ather, Sohaib Aslam, Adnan Zaidi, RJ Rizwan, Hassan Fayyaz, Hassan Apniisp, Hassan Sarwar, Khurram Hassan and many other who added their valuable suggestions.

Write up by Arfa Mahmood

Songs uploaded by : Ata ur Rehman

Cover Photo Designed by Bilal Asif

Produced, Edited and Formatted by Danish Mughal

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