My Husband Might Have Even Killed Me: Annie Khalid (Full Inside Story)


Britney Spears of Pakistan, Noor ul Ain Khalid commonly known as Annie Khalid, who was married to MMA group of companies chairman Malik Noureed Awan back in September has now alleged that her husband might have even killed her. Annie is certainly in the news for quite some time as she was first alleged by her husband for stealing valuable of worth 40 million from her in laws house and then fleeing away.

My Husband Might Even Kills me- Annie Khalid

Annie said so while talking to the news source on Monday, she shared her feeling and reason of leaving her husband. She told the media that she left her husband’s house because she feared of being physically hurt – or even get killed. Annie said,”I have not stolen anything, no cash, nothing in kind. When I am fleeing to save my life, will I go to the bank when I didn’t have a bank account in Dubai? I fled to London with a bag weighing less than 15KG. I only took with me my clothes, laptop, phone and my personal belongings. I couldn’t have come out of Heathrow airport with that much cash. They are fabricating stories.”

Annie also revealed about the inhumane face of her husband, like, how he torchered her both physically and mentally, and the brutal face of her in laws towards the harshness of her husband. She alleged that she had received several beating form her husband,”I cannot forget when I was beaten in Abbotabad on chaand raat. Naureed beat, slapped, punched and even kicked me. It was very painful. The beating lasted for about 25 minutes, my left shoulder bled after he smacked with a chair on my back and I had bruises all over my body. He was angry that why I went upstairs to talk to my sister and that by leaving the family meeting I had disrespected his family. The emotional pain is just too much. I didn’t report it at that time because I didn’t want to make a joke of my marriage. When I showed bruises to my father-in-law, he told me to go away and not spoil their Eid day.”

She said that the violence of her husband towards her escalated every time she tried to resolve the matters between them. She claimed that she had filed a report to Dubai police on third beating but then didn’t pressed charges, as she didn’t want the Police to arrest her husband. She said,”Every night I used to carry a small bottle of perfume by my bedside. I thought I will spray his eyes if he attacked in the middle of the night. I was so scared of him.”

According to her, above all the dramatic events that happened, Mr. Noureed is still threatening her,”Noureed has threatened that he will release my pictures and other material that he thinks will discredit me. He is enraged about the fact I have walked out of our abusive marriage and he will go to any extent to tarnish my image. He will try to humiliate me with his misinformation campaign.”

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