Annie’s Husband Blasted Over Her Allegations


Another day, another fact. One might think, what would be the end result of the on going conflict between Pakistani pop star Annie Khalid and her husband and a leading businessman Malik Noureed Awan. Today Malik Noureed disclosed the secret behind the whole drama. He said that Annie has “ABORTED” their child without his permission, this is where the whole conflict started.


Annie's Husband Blasted Over Her Allegations


During a press conference which held in Lahore and after that in an interview with a local news channel, Annie husband turned the tables, as he divulged some hidden truth behind their controversial marital life. He said that he didn’t married Annie without her will, it would be much better to call it a love marriage rather then arrange. She was with him for more then four months before marriage and they had a world tour too. He pointed that if she wasn’t happy with him why she married to him.

He said that Annie always used abusive language on minor conflicts, which is a normal things in a healthy house, he had forbade her for her abusive language but she didn’t listen to him and remained abusive. He also said that he didn’t wanted to drag his personal matter in the media, but Annie has forced him to do so by continuously blaming him.

Malik also claimed that he has an Abusive SMS of Annie, and he will show it to the media as a proof. He also denied the physical torture allegation by Annie and said that if she has the proof of such torture then she should show it to the media. Mr. Awan also added some spice to his interview and called Annie an Illiterate girl,” She hasn’t even done her matriculation while i am a highly qualified person.”

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