Pakistani Rock Band co-VEN to present new song: CHOR


Update: Co-VEN – CHOR Music Video(all 3 video versions)

Song: CHOR

Words by Hamza Jafri

Music by co-VEN

Audio Production by Mekaal Hasan

Video by Rola

Releasing 28th December 2012


co-VEN – the musicians:

  • Hamza Jafri – Vocals, Guitar
  • Sikandar Mufti – Drums
  • Sameer Ahmed – Bass
  • Omran Shafique – Guitar



co-VEN present their first Urdu single titled CHOR. The song and video are to be previewed at the CHOR PARTY event on 28th December 2012 at MAD School on Main Zamzama Karachi.

To Win invite for the exclusive screening, Click  on the image below and write your name on co-VEN’s Facebook page:

Coven Chor Party Invitation Card


co-VEN story  

Established in 1993, co-VEN are amongst the first rock bands of Pakistan.

co-VEN’s music is a mix of eastern folk sensibilities with western instrumentation and rock dynamics.

co-VEN’s songs are socio-political commentary and sonic portraits of the human condition.

Few of Pakistan’s main stream artists have at one point in time been a part of co-VEN.

NOORI front man Ali Noor was co-VEN’s vocalist during 1996 to 98.

co-VEN’s founding member Mohd Ali Jafri 1993 to 98, later founded NOORI.

OVERLOAD front man Farhad Humayune was co-VEN’s drummer during 1993 to 94.

QUADRUM percussionist Atif Saeed was co-VEN’s drummer during 1994 to 1996.


co-VEN released their first album ‘Not in Your World’ recorded and mixed by Mekaal Hasan, in 1997 through OFF BEAT record stores in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad and Sialkot. The album is known as a ‘classic’ amongst Pakistani rock listeners for its quality sound recording and mature songwriting and performances.

After 1997 co-VEN members dispersed, few members moved outside of Pakistan. In 2005, the band was reformed with members:

Hamza Jafri, Sikandar Mufti, Sameer Ahmed and Omran Shafique.

In 2007 co-VEN albums Volumes 1 & 2 were released simultaneously by RADIO ONE / BMN. The albums were sponsored by LEVI’S with co-VEN members as LEVI’S brand ambassadors. The first single ‘Sailing Fast’ became a radio hit, followed by a music video produced by ROLA, directed by Uns Mufti. The second single ‘Boundaries Broken’ put co-VEN right on the Pakistani mainstream music map, with another music video by ROLA, this time receiving a Lux Style Award nomination for best video.


co-VEN released Volume 3 in 2010 through SHAME ON YOU records fronted by the bands bass player Sameer Ahmed. The first single from the album ‘Ready to Die’ received national and international acclaim; being featured in a New York Times story as “revolutionary rock music out of Pakistan”.

co-VEN current lineup –


Hamza Jafri – co-VEN’s founding member, a guitarist singer songwriter, music composer and music educationist. Hamza founded The Guitar School in Lahore in 2009, and the MAD School – ‘Music Art Dance’ in Karachi in 2010. Apart from the co-VEN recordings Hamza has toured with Zeb & Haniya and Noori. In 2011 Hamza composed 12 original songs & background score for Pakistan’s first original theater musical ‘KARACHI the Musical’. The soundtrack’s recording was sponsored and released by McDonald’s Pakistan. The song Chor is Hamza’s first complete Urdu lyrical and vocal work.


Sikandar Mufti – a percussionist / drummer, model, radio host, voiceover artist and English language specialist. Sikandar has performed with notable Pakistani bands and artists such as The Trip, Mekaal Hasan, Ali Azmat, Zeb & Haniya and others. Apart from the co-VEN recordings Sikandar is featured as a member of the house band in the internationally acclaimed hit music television show COKE Studio, where Sikandar has performed and recorded alongside Pakistan’s finest and most respected artists from the folk and classical genre.


Sameer Ahmed – a bass and guitar player, music producer and founder of SHAME ON YOU records. Apart from the co-VEN recordings, Sameer has featured on Mekaal Hasan Band’s tours and music videos. Sameer has also recorded and performed with Malang Party, Sibti, Poor Rich Boy, Breast Milk, Caramel and others. Sameer’s recent bass guitar work can be heard on the latest Zeb & Haniya album currently due for release. Sameer has also toured extensively with the Zeb & Haniya band home and abroad. Sameer’s recently production work can be heard on the first single by Pakistani death metal band Takatak, which Sameer co-produced with Mekaal Hasan.


Omran Shafique – a guitarist singer songwriter, recording engineer, studio owner and producer. Apart from his membership in co-VEN, Omran fronts the Urdu latin funk band MAUJ, and is also a permanent member of the Ali Azmat band. Omran is featured on countless recordings by local artists and has had extensive concert touring experience home and abroad. Omran took on role as studio engineer producer and musician in the hit music television show Uth Records. Omran is also a permanent member of the house band in the internationally acclaimed television music show COKE Studio where Omran has performed and recorded alongside Pakistan’s finest and most respected artists from the folk and classical genre.

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