Veena Malik’s MMS Scandal


You cannot spell controversy these days without Veena Malik. From unethical photo shoots to sizzling performances in item songs, the damsel has done too much to be much hated – and loved by some – by the people; particularly from her native country. The hottest buzz surrounding the devil’s favourite Pakistani is that MMS video has been supposedly leaked on the internet which shows herself getting close and personal with her film producer Rajan Verma as the duo are showing engaging in fondling and kissing passionately and Veena seems to enjoy that a lot.

Veena Malik's MMS Video Scandal
Screenshot from MMS, full video is NOT being shared on purpose.

There has been much discussion about the 44 second MMS video as some claim it to be a clip from the upcoming B-grade movie starring the duo and some claim it just a minor promotion of the film. Whether the video being legitimate or not, Veena has not only managed to grab attention from the media but also has elevated the celebrity status of the unknown producer Rajan Verma; or is it the other way around?

Producer Rajan Verma was interested in casting Veena Malik in his next project but no one could have guessed about this sort of film. The scenario in the film is dark and green in colour with the focus on her face. Both the individuals have yet to comment about the MMS video.

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