Mira Nair Calls ‘Reluctant Fundamentalist’ Her Most Ambitious Film


Based on Pakistani writer Mohsin Hamid’s novel, the film adaption ‘Reluctant Fundamentalist’ is getting quite an amount of praise. Revolving around a Pakistani Princeton graduate, the story shows how a person tackles when enthralled with living the American Dream and a call from the native country.

The film was also shown in Venice film festival and native artistic director Alberto Barbera said, “Nair has made an exemplary film adaptation of a novel that deals with the topical issue of fundamentalisms of any kind or nature. With great sensitivity, subtlety and remarkable sense of cinematic narrative, the director is never reluctant to take a difficult stand, inspired by profound ethical and moral reasons that, although choosing to face reality, still reject its compromises and aberrations.”

One of the most unique features about the film from a Pakistani point of view is that it has the fabulous Meesha Shafi starring in it and the soundtrack involves songs from Atif Aslam, Ali Azmat and Overload band. With hopes high, a lot can be expected from the film as director Mira Nair has claimed it to be her most ambitious project till now.

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