Karavan band Performs After 2 Years


The band certainly took their time but it was certainly worth the wait. Karavan, one of the most glorified rock bands from the Pakistani music industry reunited after nearly two years and gave a memorable show; just like the good old days.

The band hails from Karachi and consists of one of the most talented musicians in the country: Tanseer Ahmed Daar (lead vocalist), Allan Smith (drummer), Sameer Ahmed (bass guitarist) and of course the backbone of the band, Asad Ahmed (lead guitarist). The band spent 15 years together rocking city to city all over Pakistan and never failed to make an impact in the rock music scene. As of late, the band made their very own Facebook page titled KaravanLive and gave hints about a possible reunion as they uploaded various pictures of themselves jamming in a recording studio.

Though lead guitarist Asad Ahmed has denied multiple times the rumor that the band is back for good but considering the fact that how much positive feedback they received from their rocking performance as the crowd really showed that they need Karavan in their country’s music industry, the band might think of getting together more often.

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