Ultimately the Fans are the Bosses: Karavan


It was just a few days ago that themost iconic rock and roll band from the Pakistani music industry returned after nearly two decades at PAF KIET and gave a performance worth the money. “We are the best live act of the country and we’re back together to show all the little boys how the big boys do it,” says lead guitarist, Asad Ahmed. Except drummer Allan Smith, the rest of the four members made a comeback.

It seems that the band is here to stay as they currently have more shows ahead in their schedule. “This really is being done for the fans that are fine with us being a heritage act,” states the lead guitarist. “It’s no secret that apart from Strings, there is no other existing band that has four studio albums, one unplugged and one live album on the way — that’s quite a catalog we will leave behind,” says Asad.

“We are back and will keep touring until you tell us to stop, ultimately the fans are the bosses. Karavan is the band we never had when we grew up. So when we get up there every night, we make sure that everyone leaves the show saying ‘that was the best damn band I ever heard’.”

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