Frieha Altaf and Saqib Malik deny Wedding Rumours


Both Frieha Altaf and Saqib Malik are highly talented individuals in their respective fields. The former is an ex-model and the founder of Cats Modeling Agency while the latter is one of the most reputed directors in the country. Both have worked together on various occasions which resulted in the rumors of the duo getting hitched. However, both the individuals have denied them and branded them as nothing but false and the height of inaccuracy.

“Saqib and I have been friends for the past 20 years,” says the ex-model. “People have too much time on their hands to spread rumors like these! Larkay, larki ko saath dekh lein tho baat bana dain gay.” Frieha Altaf found the rumors as comedy article and further states, “Creative people feed off one another. We worked on Fuzon’s ‘Khamaj’ video in 2001. I was on the team and involved in production design. We are two individuals; creative and financially independent.”

When Saqib Malik heard of the wedding rumors, he openly expressed his thoughts as he said, “When I first heard the news of our ‘marriage’, I was thrilled.” Jokes aside, the director further states, “I do love her very much, but as a friend. We have not gotten married yet because with marriage, there comes a lot of baggage.”

The original source of the rumor is still unknown.

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