Annie Khalid Divorce Rumors are NOT TRUE


Annie Khalid Divorce Rumors

Updated: After so many quarrels and confusions between the two, Annie’s marriage with Noureed couldn’t last longer and indeed those divorce rumors turned REAL.

Seems like publications are bit obsessed with the marriages and divorces of the celebrities. The latest buzz generating is regarding Annie Khalid Divorce , who got married to Malik Noureed Awan a couple of months ago.

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The divorce rumors are not generated over cyber space this time, but a print publication actually reported the story. According to the Lahore based newspaper:

“the reason behind the split up of two is due to her husband’s unacceptability of giving his wife a free hand to carry on media business and appearing on live shows”.

To confirm or verify the news story, we contacted Annie Khalid’s media manager Faisal Khan, who completely denied the story. He confirmed though that a newspaper has spread such rumor but told us that Annie and her husband Noureed has been well-settled in Palm Jumeirah and have been living there quite happily.

Upon asking whether there is any plan of taking any action against the said newspaper, Faisal told that they have asked the newspaper to publish an apology. If they fail to do so, we will take them to court.  “The divorce rumors are baseless and we have made up mind to file a law suit against the newspaper if they don’t make a public apology” Khan added.

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