Usman Riaz to Perform with A.R Rahman

Usman Riaz to now work with A.R.Rehman
Photo Courtesy: TED

Usman Riaz is certainly the the most talented and rising young star in the Pakistani music industry these days. The talented musician recently got appreciated by Atif Aslam and also released a music video for his song ‘Ruckus’ which is hitting hard among the fans of Pakistani music. The latest about Usman is he is soon going to India to perform with World’s renown music producer A.R. Rahman.

Just 21 years old and already he has a chance to perform with none other than two time Academy Award winner, the legendary Indian composer A. R. Rahman. That will be the second time that Usman Riaz will be playing alongside a veteran from the music industry; the first one being American fingerstyle guitarist, Preston Reed – the very musician Usman considers his idol.

“I’ll be travelling to India in December for a performance with A. R. Rahman, if my visa comes through. It’s a huge honor for me and I cannot wait to meet the man,” says the enthusiastic Usman Riaz regarding his chance to collaborate with the Indian Music Producer. “He’s a genius.” Riaz added.

The young musician is ever so passionate about the industry he just stepped foot in and despite much recognition, Usman still has the will to improve as he states, “I want to keep getting better. I love learning. I hope I can keep doing that.”

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