Mahira Khan Divorce Rumors Making Rounds On Internet


Mahira Khan DivorceLast updated: 31 October 2012

Since the unfortunate break up news of Salma and Azfar , where Naveen got married to Azfar Ali, the rumor mills are on fire, even not sparing the coolest person in REAL life, the renown Pakistani Female Celebrity Mahira Khan.

After the divorce of  top most morning TV show hosts like Nadia Khan, Farah hussain and Shaista Wahidi, people are now giving more importance to these sort of rumors. It is being said that once these morning show hosts OR actresses reach to stardom, they fail to do justice with their marital life. As we have also seen quite recently, where Shaista Wahidi moved to a new house in DHA along with her kids, leaving her ex-husband in North Nazimabad. Sources say, their relationship ruined up mainly because of money & success issues. Her husband used to ask her not to wear those lavish clothes in morning show, while Shaista always termed those comments as “narrow mindedness” of her husband, which ultimately resulted to a conclusion of their marriage.

Coming back to Mahira, who is quite young & has seen huge success in showbiz career, these rumors don’t as such make any sense. Mahira was happily married in 2007 to Ali Askari, who has been a creative mind behind MTV and Play TV. The couple has a cute baby and a boy named “Azlaan” and above all her husband is not that kind of a person who would feel insecure of Mahira Khan’s popularity.

Mahira Khan with son, baby and Husband
Mahira Khan with her son, baby and Husband Ali Askari

The rumors started generating after a brand’s celebrity portal released a video package on the “divorce trends in Pakistani Media Industry“. The bollywood-style celebrity gossip package ended up with, “A little bird whispered to us that Mahira Khan is also joining the frey” . This was quite an enough hint to raise the eyebrows. It is also worth mentioning here that Mahira Khan herself is one of the brand ambassadors for the said brand.

While trying to contact with Mahira, it came to our attention that she is not in Pakistan currently. She is attending PFDC fashion event in New Delhi, where Pakistani Designers are showcasing their talent.

This post will be updated once we get any confirmation or complete negation about the story. We , very much regard this story as a rumor spread mainly by the brand sponsored celebrity portal.

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