Asif Better foot massager than Cricketer: Veena Malik


Veena Malik has certainly made one of the most surprising and funny statements ever related to her ex-boyfriend. It is to be recalled that the devil’s favourite Pakistani was having an affair with none other than the country’s right-arm fast medium bowler, Muhammad Asif. In a recent interview, while reaching to the topic about her relationship with Asif, Veena Malik revealed, “Asif is the real man for me and I missed him a lot. He is out of all and the best moments which I spent with him that is a foot massage and I think he is better foot massager than a cricketer.”

Definitely a statement that can make any Drama Queen fan say wow and make one wander the possibility of how personal and intimate the relationship between the controversy players was. One thing definitely for sure is that Veena Malik still misses her ex and has an immense amount of respect for Muhammad Asif.

Veena certainly deserves an applause for the immense respect she has for her ex despite the latter not returning the loan of 14 million PKR to the former. In one of her interviews, Veena stated, “I still have a place for Asif in my heart…My heart always pray for him and the time I spent with him is an asset of my life.”

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