I Never Beg For Offers: Deedar


It is definitely not a secret. Everyone knows it and everyone agrees that Nargis is the most sizzling and hottest act when it comes to Pakistani stage dramas but the story is not about her. It is about her younger sister, the second most sizzling act in the Pakistani Deedar.

Born on the 10th of February 1979 in Lahore, Deedar certainly has an impressive portfolio when seeing it from the eye of the Pakistani entertainment industry. Starting her career as a stand-up comedian and then eventually entering the world of stage dramas, she established her status by her acting skills and most importantly, her impressive and sensual dancing skills. Nargis maybe more popular but Deedar is certainly not inferior; both the sisters have performed together on multiple acts.

Recently, the little sister stated, “I never beg for offers”. Considering the fact that the actress has accomplished much recognition while working hard for her career, the statement is indeed far beyond doubtable. Deedar is definitely one of those luck entertainers who have no worries regarding their career who is continuously flooded be offers.

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