Nida Azwer Steals the Indian PFDC Launch Show


Pakistan and India – you simply cannot have one without the other. In business transactions ranging from movies to music, one playing a role in the alien land has become quite common and the fashion industry is no exception. In a recent launching show of Pakistan Fashion Design Council (PFDC) flagship outlet in the capital of India i.e. New Delhi, one of the biggest names in the Pakistani fashion industry Nida Azwer showed the ace up in her sleeve.

Despite having a reputation of producing a variety of clothing and fashion sense, the launching show mainly focused on bridal and groom dresses – a sensation treat for the wedding fanatics. Being in an alien territory; the Pakistani fashion designer was greeted extremely well and received an exceptionally well response from the Indian fans of fashion. Her dresses featured bridal lehengas, coats, izars, kurtas and much more.

On top of all, the launching ceremony of her PFDC flagship outlet exploded with applause and enthusiasm when the beautiful model Sonya Jehan graciously walked the stage and took the crowd by storm with her charming looks and most importantly, her out of this world wedding dress.

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