Bano Qudsia Wins Kama-e-Fun Award


Legendary Pakistani writer Bano Qudsia, best known for her Urdu language novel ‘Raja Gidh’, has won a lifetime achievement award for her artistic skills in the field of writing. For the year 2010, the 84 year old bold writer has won the Kamal-e-Fun Award by the Pakistan Academy of Letters (PAL).

The prestigious award was well deserved by Bano Qudsia and the judges presiding the decision were none other than fellow veteran writers Iftikhar Arif, Prof Sahar Ansari, Dr Riaz Majeed, Dr Saleem Akhtar, Agha Khalid Saleem, Hafeez Khan, Sultan Sukoon, Prof Wahid Bux Buzdar and Dr Salma Shaheen. The panel of judges awarded the deserving Bano on Wednesday in the city of Islamabad at the PAL office.

In a recent interview with The Express Tribune, Bano enthusiastically stated, “It is an honour that the academy and judges have bestowed upon me. It is the kindness of such institutions who acknowledge the hard work of others.” Not only that, but the veteran gave a message to her fellow writers as she said, “A writer should write every day, it takes discipline but that is the only way to get better, be self-critical, and produce quality work.”

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