Nescafe Basement Music Show


The enthusiastic fans of the Pakistani music industry witnessed the uniqueness of Coke Studio and Uth Records in awe and now, it is the time for another one of a kind and an original musical platform: Nescafe Basement.

Nescafé Basement is a musical platform for the unique individuals who have an artistic soul when it comes to the creativity of music. However, the new platform does not serve the purpose of promoting the veterans and legends of the Pakistani music industry. Rather, it focuses on the nurturing, upbringing and grooming of the skills and improving the talent of the rookies.

The Nescafé Basement is headed by none other than Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan aka Xulfi. Having been with two of the most successful hard rock bands in Pakistan – Entity Paradigm and Call – Nescafé Basement could not be in safer hands than those of Zulfiqar’s. The latest project in the works is the cover song of legendary singer Sajjad Ali’s hit ‘Larri Adda’. Xulfi has stated, “Witness the future of Pakistani music and get blown away by the fresh new sound of the Nescafe Basement. Trust me; all of you are going to love it.”

Indeed the tagline of Nescafe Basement speaks too much with its simple but heavy words: No Music. No Life. Know Music. Know Life.

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