Usman Riaz not to perform with AR Rahman


Usman Riaz, a 21 old guitarist and music prodigy – who earned recognition by the viral video of himself playing the guitar on stage in Scotland, is now disappointed as his plans to perform with worlds renowned musician AR Rehman are shattered and would now be just a dream.

 not to perform with AR Rahman

Riaz is unable to go to the neighbouring country due to some visa issues, which have resulted in the cancellation of his tour and performance as well. Usman said,”I am upset that a small issue such as visa could stop me from learning from and performing with a master musician such as AR Rahman.”

He further added, “I was looking forward to it. I was honoured that he noticed my work and invited me to come share the stage with him. I had applied well in advance and even the organisers in India were certain that it would come through in time”. “When the deadline began to approach even AR Rahman’s personal letter was not enough to get my visa to me in time,” He continued.

After missing such a wonderful and rare opportunity, Usman is depressed and expressed his feelings,”It would have been a wonderful opportunity to learn from a brilliant composer and would also have strengthened the artistic ties between India and Pakistan. Something we desperately need in this day and age.” A few weeks ago, Atif also honoured Usman with his appreciation and said that he really enjoys his music and art.

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