Veena Malik to Release Third Teaser for Drama Queen


Queen of Controversies, or the ‘Drama Queen’ as she prefers, is certainly one hot tomato and she is currently on a music video to prove it. That’s right! Veena Malik has plans to become a singer in the near future and her debut song – titled Drama Queen – is on its way to be released soon. After releasing two teasers for her debut song, Veena still considers it not enough and is about to release a third one.

The press release for the devil’s favourite Pakistani has given a slight hint regarding the third teaser; stating, “You will see a new avatar of Veena in her third teaser that you have never seen before. The Album is going to spark and gamey within her fans.”

The music video is a stand for the lesbian society and even features Veena in a kissing scene with another woman. The official press release has revealed, “Romantic actress has first time offered lively kissing scene in her album that is very zippy and sparkful. She is seen very passionate of hard kissing.” Veena does not feel guilty about it and expresses, “I think kisses are very important and ridiculously beautiful expressions. It is such a beautiful expression of how kisses of all kinds can cure the world with love and joy.”

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