Ranbir Kapoor Visiting Peshawar?


If there is a Pakistani city that shares a sentimental value with the glamorous world of Bollywood, then it is none other than Peshawar. Being the capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (formerly known as North-West Frontier Province); the city is the very home of three of the most iconic superstars in Bollywood namely Dilip Kumar (also known as Muhammed Yusuf Khan), Shahrukh Khan and Ranbirraj ‘Raj’ Kapoor.

It should be recalled that on the 14th of December 1924, Raj Kapoor was born in a house situated in Mohallah Dhaki Munawar Shah. He was indeed a blessing to his father, late Prithviraj Kapoor. The family had a big name in the Indian film industry back then and even now. After the team of father and son moving to Mumbai, the house remained as it is until now because it is about to face a change. The house is to be converted in to a museum under the supervision of the chairman of IMGC Global Entertainment in Pakistan, Shaikh Amjad Rasheed.

Ranbir Kapoor grand father house in Peshawar

Rasheed has revealed that his plans are shared by none other than Barfi boy himself, Ranbir Kapoor – grandson of Raj Kapoor. Rasheed has stated that his partner was “extremely happy” about it and plans to visit Peshawar for the would-be museum’s inauguration.

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