Sur Kshetra: Healthy Competition or Cold War?

The title may become the reason for angering some patriotic music fans but Sur Kshetra definitely deserves an eye of observation. It might be just a fun singing show, Or it might be just a conspiracy. Whatever it is, it cannot be denied that the show has indeed some enmity elements – something very eventual when it comes to the case of battle (and by battle, I mean ANY battle from tic-tac-toe or a war) between Pakistan and India.Sur Kshetra is a singing talent show among two teams: a Pakistani team led by Voice of Hearts Atif Aslam and the other being an Indian team led by Himesh Reshammiya. The members of the jury are musical veterans from the subcontinent, Bangladesh’s Runa Laila, Pakistan’s Abida Parveen and none other than India’s Asha Bhosle.Leaving that aside, the facts cannot be hidden as the truth speaks for itself. There is a lot of bad blood among the two countries since day one and whether it’s a matter of a cricket match or a business transaction, enmity ensues and the same case is with the talent show now. Atif’s and Himesh’s greed for the win mostly results in heat; depicting an obvious bad blood among the countries instead of promoting peace. Whether it is just a healthy competition or something not short than a cold war, you be the judge.

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