‘Din Na Dhalay’ by Shaheryar Mirza [REVIEW]


Many of the rookies in the Pakistani music industry simply do not realize the criticality of making it big and Shaheryar Mirza is no exception. The rookie has released a song titled ‘Din Na Dhalay’ which can be best described as a ‘just another pop-rock song’.

The song starts with light acoustic guitar sounds and soft drumming and then comes Shaheryar Mirza with his lyrics empowered with his vocals. Filled with heavy guitaring later in the song while amateur lyrics are flowing with a sense of ups and downs – something which most of the big names in the industry still fail to accomplish – the song is a good effort by the rookie but sadly, it is not one of those that you would love listening to again and again.

[youtube width=”500″ height=”360″]zXOAEAw0RdA[/youtube]

The song is produced by Faisal Rafi and the lyrics are penned down by the singer himself. If Shaheryar Mirza believes that this song may bring him to the mainstream, then buddy you have a long way to go.

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