‘Jab Sey Tum’ by Hadiqa Kiani feat. Irfan Kiani [REVIEW]


Not many veterans in the Pakistani music industry have a reputation of being spotless when it comes to fulfilling the expectations of the fans and coming up with hit after another. Hadiqa Kiyani , who has been with the industry for 17 years through thick and thin, is one of those veterans who simply do not fade away and has proved it once again with her new song ‘Jab Sey Tum’ for her latest album, Aasmaan. Along for the ride is none other than her brother, Irfan Kiani.

Starting with a soothing piano notes, the song gives a promising look to the audience that they are in for something special. Irfan makes the first move and surprisingly proves that singing might be a potential talent that runs in the family. Then comes Hadiqa looking and sounding marvelous as ever followed by the brother-sister duo singing together and doing an A+ job at it.

[youtube width=”640″ height=”360″]f8gZCKc_cmU[/youtube]


The music video seems expensive but a simple one as it only features the brother-sister duo, and a model/actress Eshita, in lavish clothes with fires and pencil sketches around them. Directed by Sohail Javed; the music video is definitely one of the finest produced by Fire Records this year.

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