House band members Rock in Coke Studio, See ‘Kaavish’ is inn!

house band members of Coke Studio in First Season
Picture Courtesy: Coke Studio

Let me take you back to the first season of Coke Studio. Not many bigger names were there except Strings, Ali Azmat and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. There was a new band that performed a ‘Single’ at the very first season of Coke Studio. The track name was ‘Paheliyan’ by the band MAUJ and it was the band of OMRAN SHAFIQUE , who later got some huge applause and fame as a house band member of Coke Studio. And now he is very much renowned all over Pakistan for his Guitar Playing Skills and UTH RECORDS. Right?

There has been only one drummer in the house band members of the Coke Studio. The name is quite famous and the guy is also so hilarious (anyone can say that after watching him in UTH Records).

Gumby playing drums in his studio for a TV Show UTH Records
Gumby playing drums in his studio for a TV Show UTH Records | Picture Courtesy: UthRecords

Yes I am talking about Louis J. Pinto aka Gumby who is no doubt the best and successful drummer of Pakistan. Anyhow, second season saw a rock band in the studio named Noori. Noori was the band with whom Gumby had played for many years in past. Right ?

Let’s move forward.

Asad Ahmed in Coke Studio Season as House Band Member
Asad Ahmed(Karavan) playing as a Coke Studio House Band Member | Picture Courtesy:Coke Studio

There was another brilliant guitar player in the house band team of Coke Studio, Asad Ahmed . Asad belonged to an experienced and old rock band called KARAVAN. So What? Sabar please…

Let me sum up things in a very cheap poetic style :

OMRAN aya, MAUJ chaya!

Asad Ahmed bajaya, Karavan laya!

Gumby ko Noori banaya ; phir

Jaffer ko  Kaavish kyun na yaad aya???

Oh yeah you got it right. Another House band team member has managed to get his band into the Coke Studio. We have the news that ‘Bachpan’ famed Kaavish band has also got featured in the Coke Studio Season4.*CLAPPING* If you don’t know who Kaavish is ? and how did they make it to Coke Studio ? Then you are really addicted to Bollywood crap songs. (trust me, this is a disease which has spread in between 90% population of Pakistan).

Jaffer and Maaz (Kaavish Band) in Coke Studio
Jaffer and Maaz posing for their debut album photoshoot, SMILE GUYS, You're into CS now 😀

The band Kaavish is a highly talented act, which consists of Jaffer Zaidi and Maaz Maudood, and with the support of industry’s Gurus they came up with a very wonderful debut album called Gunkali. Faisal Rafi – the producer of Gunkali – truly produced a master piece album for the band. The only drawback with the band is, that lead vocalist doesn’t stop crying even if he is singing ‘Dekho yeh chand teray , kehtay hain yeh bhee saray’ A Big LOL 😀

But wait let me finish that Gossip thingy:

So I was saying that Coke Studio House Band Members Rock Big Time. Don’t take them lightly! They are now a ‘Pass’ to get into the Coke Studio. All those house band members mentioned above nicely did lobbying for their related bands. There is one good news, some house band members are still left.

Tips for upcoming musicians: Hire the services of remaining Coke Studio house band members and who knows the next time you guys will be playing in Coke Studio. 😛

We recommend this guy , you can now beg him and negotiate off course , see he’s already so sad :

Babar Khanna Coke Studio House Band member
Coke Studio House Band Member Baber Khana in a sad mode, just because he has no band 🙁

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