Veena Malik ’s Astaghfaar show ends with the word ‘Baygairat’


From unethical interactions to photoshoots, who knows what could have inspired the Queen of Controversies Veena Malik to host a religious television show on Hero TV. Speaking upon the character of the devil’s favourite Pakistani, the word ‘religious’ might be the farthest thing that defines her but there is no denying that Veena certainly knows how to roll the dice when it comes to show business as her show got an amazing number of viewers; a grand total of 30,000,000 viewers.

Despite the success of the show and Veena’s petty attempts to portray herself as a woman who would never hurt a fly, the last episode was met with an unexpected situation. During the live calls segment of the show, a lady angrily called her ‘baygairat’ multiple times due to her past acts of posing naked on an Indian magazine and her physical encounters with competitor Ashmit Patel in the fourth season of Big Boss.

Veena attempted to defend herself by stating she is an honest worker but the angry caller kept on going with her abuse which made the former burst into tears on television AGAIN. As the show reached its end, the apparent dejected Veena once again defended herself; claiming she financially supports various poor families and is a very generous in real life.

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