I try Experimenting with different styles of Singing: Sadaf Munir


Not all musicians in Pakistan can proudly say that they got the opportunity and the honor to work with Nisar Bazmi and Sohail Rana. One of those few musicians is the talented vocalist, Sadaf Munir. Humming jingles and film songs on various shows on Pakistan Television Channel such as “Saarey Dost Hamarey” and “Ranng Barang”, the enthusiastic Sadaf had a natural aptitude for music at a very young age and with the support of her family, she excelled in her field.

The harmonium was the very first instrument she learnt and that was just the start of her career catapulting to higher heights. As an artist, she states, “All true and beautiful things inspire an artist. Artists are sensitive people so positive and negative stimuli both have a strong impact on them. Creativity propels them to express themselves too. Positive emotions inspire me, love being the purest form of energy. Nature is also a source of constant inspiration for me.”

Perhaps the secret of Sadaf’s success is that she does not restricts herself to a particular music genre; something quite common in today’s musicians. The singer has sung from pop songs to ghazals as she firmly believes that experimenting with different types of singing keeps her work interesting and challenging.

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