Veena Malik Feels sad about Public’s Rude Behavior Towards “Astagfaar”


Veena Malik’s Ramzan special show was cancelled after the promo received so much criticism specially from social media. Talking about Veena’s point of view, she is sad about the people’s behavior(hate) towards her show. She also takes it sadly that people started judging her just after the promo and before watching the program.

In an interview to BBC Urdu, she said, “Even before the show was released, people started saying that Veena Malik is not allowed to do this show. It is very sad”. The devils favorite Pakistani actress also added, “Neither did people see the show nor did they know what the show is like. It would have made sense if people reacted at the end of the show, but this does not make any sense to me. It was very very strange behavior.”

When she was questioned about the reason behind calling off her show by the channel, she said the she doesn’t know the inside story, but the most possible reasons are the program’s rating and some threats which the channel had received after the launch of promo. In the description of the show, she said that she had never done a show like this before, and she had also thought of learning more about Islam through this show.

“Religion is a very personal matter for me. I am very religious, but it is something between me and my God. I don’t think a third person can stand in front of me and judge how religious I am or I am not.” she answered when a caller asked her about her religious thoughts.

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