Sahir Lodhi To Play a Lead Role In “Dil Hai Pakistani”


    Sahir Lodhi, a Pakistani TV actor, RJ and host  is now going to play a leading role in a local film titled as “Dil Hai Pakistani”. Sahir is always criticized for copying Bollywood King Shahrukh Khan by both Pakistani critics and viewers on TV.

    The news is, like his style, his upcoming movie is also a copy of  ” Dil Hai Hindustani”, one of the most  popular Indian movie in which Shahrukh Khan played the lead role. According to a source, the movie will be directed by Javed Raza, who is now a days busy in India to convince Indian actress Sheeba Bhakri to work in his film.

    Javed started his direction career in 1980, the name of his first film was “Visa Dubai Daa”, The movie was gone super hit. After “Visa Dubai Daa”, he directed films like “Akbara”“Mutthi Mai Rumaal”“Dakoo Haseena”“Piyasa Saavan”“Kurri Munda Raazi” and “Amanat”. In 2008 he released his film Kabhi Pyar Na Karna.

    On the other hand, Sahir is also termed as one of the most hated media personality in Pakistan. Other than his media related work, Sahir Lodhi also runs a foundation, The Sahir Lodhi Foundation, that works in the areas of primary health care, education, motivation inspiration and legal aid.

    Other cast of the movie includes Ghulam Muhyuddin, Maria Khan and others. All the shooting would take place in India.

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