Faha Akmal To Launch Legal Action Against Facebook


Faha Akmal Makhdoom; the wife of  Pakistani tennis ace ( Aisam-Ul- Haq)  has filed a legal action against the social networking giant Facebook, which failed to close a fake page that is being used to spread false news on Faha’s behalf. The page was injecting confusion in both the families, and creating a false propaganda and rumors about the couple’s marriage.

Faha’s father, Dr. Akmal Makhdoom informed The News that false rumors and accusation about the honourable name of the Qureshi family are being spread with Faha’s name, he also said that as soon as Faha and Aisam were engaged, many of fake Facebook pages were created against their name at that time. She personally approached Facebook various time for action against these pages but no action was taken.

Makhdoom family has now hired an advocate who will approach the Facebook to look into this matter of serious concern, as more than 8000 people are following that fan page, which claims to be Faha’s official page.

He quoted Faha as saying. “I have nothing to do with this account. My real account is a private one which only my close friends and family know about,”

Her father also said that  up till now Facebook has failed to ban or delete the fake pages,“This site is being used to abuse our families and its causing distress to us all, especially our daughter.”

Right now Faha is visiting her parents in East Anglia, according to various reports Aisam has signed the divorce papers and he had sent them to Faha, as the couple failed to develop an understanding between them.

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