Veena Malik’s Thoughts About Her Marriage


She does it again, Veena Malik has taken entertainment world like a storm,  From the controversial photo shoot to a sizzling hot item number, how can someone imagine, what is stored next in Veena Malik’s way. She thought that her dreams of finding her ideal life partner would be fullfilled after her reality show “Veena ka Swayamvar”, butt suddenly her dreams shattered like never before, as the show was aborted abrubtly and the channel holding that show; Imagine TV has to close its operations.

During an interview she said,”When I was ready for it (off course marriage), it didn’t happen. I think my marriage plans are jinxed. It has been cancelled many times”. she also added, “I don’t think I will ever get married.”

when she was questioned, whether she would be comfortable with the Joint family system(common in Pakistan) or not? ,  living in a joint family system is itself a fun, she said. Then she also added “It’s very exciting. But I have been living on my own since I was 14 years old, so I missed the love of a joint family system. If I marry a guy whose family wants to live with me, I won’t mind people around me. It’s a beautiful idea.”

Seeing how much hate the actress has in her own country, the fact cannot be denied that she will be facing a hard time if she finds her life partner in Pakistan. But on the other hand, she still has tremendous amount of fans around the world.





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