Veena Malik Supports Homosexualism


The controversial Veena Malik has once again all eyes focusing on her. It just so happened that the queen of controversies  openly expressed her views on supporting same sex marriage. Considering the fact that homosexuality is treated as an extremely controversial and a taboo subject, Veena Malik has once again disgraced the name of her country. It is to be noted that Veena Malik has followed the footsteps of Kim Kardashian and Lady Gaga by openly stating her views on the support of gay marriage. Now it look as if controversies follow Veena Malik.

“I am openly supporting the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) community and I don’t feel shy about doing it,” Says the bold Veena Malik. “If American President Barak Obama and Hollywood beauties can stand up for the gay marriage, so why not every country’s citizen should support this cause?”

From controversial photo shoots to sensual item songs, the Pakistani controversial model and now a Bollywood Actress  has indeed become older. In the popular social networking website Twitter, one open minded person supported Malik by stating that, “Way to go! LGBT people are loving and caring human beings who deserve happiness, love and acceptance!” However, another individual stated that, “She is taking all the shortcuts to become famous.” Whatever the case may be, what cannot be denied is that she is possibly the very first Pakistani celebrity to openly support same sex marriages.

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