A New Controversy Waiting For Veena Malik


Arrive, create controversy, leave – this pretty much sums up the life of Veena Malik. From revealing photo shoots to item songs, this model-turned-actress has pretty much done a lot to earn the title of Devil’s favorite Pakistani.During the music launch of her upcoming Bollywood film Daal Mein Kuch Kaala Hai!, the Queen of Controversy ignited another scandal when her co-star, the legendary 59 year old Shakti Kapoor kissed her.

During the launching ceremony’s photo shoot, the Indian star sarcastically stated his innocence and signaled the paparazzi to capture his actions. Kapoor then shockingly proceeded to softly grab the young actress’ neck and gave a kiss on her cheek; which surprisingly had a positive feedback as Malik did not hesitate at all. In fact, she seemed to enjoy the kiss and gave emotions of joy and astonishment. The fun did not stop there as Kapoor then gave a smile to the cameras and proceeded to kiss her on the cheek again which met with the same response. Remember original name of Veena Malik is “Zahida Malik”

Despite another scandal, it cannot be denied that Veena Malik is indeed an asset for the film and the launching event due to her dance performance. Regarding the ceremony, Malik stated on her Twitter account that,

“Leaving for the venue….n will rehearse to make sure my steps r perfect for the main event of DMKKH music launch tonyt…!!!”

Here is the Video which pulls her to a new controversy:

[youtube width=”640″ height=”360″]71JFxAPaptw[/youtube]

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