Now Listen to Radio Pakistan in America by Dialling a Local Number


    Radio Pakistan is available on the internet, satellite, and mobile phones which could be listened to from anywhere in the world. For those Pakistanis living abroad, following Pakistani media becomes a little difficult at times though. But there is good news for the fans of Radio Pakistan living in the United States as they can catch up on the station’s broadcast.

    Recently, Radio Pakistan had announced that they will be launching a new service through which Pakistani diaspora in America would be able to listen and tune into programmes of the station. It is to facilitate those who do not have internet access or smartphones to otherwise listen to Radio Pakistan outside of their home country.

    All they would have to do is to dial a local number given by Radio Pakistan. According to the press statement released by Radio Pakistan, interested listeners would have to dial 8322800683 and they can listen to FM-93, FM-94, FM-101, National Broadcasting Service (NBS) and current affairs channels. The same number applies for both landline phones and mobile phones. There are normal charging rates for tuning in, but if listeners would have an unlimited mobile phone package, then it would not be charged to them.

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